DANCE | Táncház

Forrószegi Táncház (Szék / Sic) 1967 • photo: P Korniss
Táncház ('dance-house') is a Hungarian tradition bringing together the youth of the community through music and dance. The term was adopted from a custom in the Transylvanian village of Szék where dances were held at individual's homes. In the early 1970s a Hungarian roots revival brought Táncház to the mainstream in Budapest where novice dancers could learn from knowledgeable instructors in a party-like setting with live music. These events expanded throughout Hungary into dance halls allowing for larger numbers to attend. The Táncház movement has since grown beyond the borders of Hungary experienced by folk enthusiasts the world over. At a Forrás Banda Táncház you can learn dances, songs, the music, drink and eat Hungarian wine and food; or just sit, listen and enjoy. All are welcome.
Laci at the Molnár utca Táncház (Budapest) c.1991 • photo: I Dér

"The dancing is complemented by singing instruction, handicraft activities and ethnographic presentations ... Anyone regardless of age, competence or prior exposure can become an active participant".
- UNESCO on the Táncház teaching method

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