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Originally from Sófalva in Transylvania, "Laci" grew up immersed in the living folk culture of Székelyföld. He was a musician in Hungary's preeminent professional group, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble (Magyar Állami Népi Együttes). Laci now splits his time between the US and Transylvania teaching violin.

Born in Zrenyanin in former Yugoslavia, "Szab" is a classically trained violist from the University of British Columbia School of Music. He works as the strings teacher for the North Vancouver School District Music Program and the Kabók Music School as well as violist in the Vancouver Hungarian Quartet.

"Lecsó" is Forrás Banda's founder, manager and an accomplished Hungarian folk dancer and choreographer. He has frequented the Hungarian and Transylvanian countryside researching and studying both music and dance. He also plays the ütőgardon (percussive cello).

"Krisz" is a musician with decades of performing experience both in North America and Budapest - where he was a member of the Kompánia Ensemble (Kompánia Társulat). Krisz also plays the kontra (viola), koboz (Moldavian lute) and ütőgardon (percussive cello).

double bass
A music enthusiast, "Frici" originally started in Forrás Banda on violin. He then took his eclectic musical tastes elsewhere forming an Afrobeat band regularly gigging in Vancouver's club scene as a bassist. Frici is now back as part of Forrás Banda playing double bass and tapán (drum).


double bass