ABOUT | Rólunk

photo: D Némethy
Forrás Banda (Pronunc. FOUR-rahsh BUN-duh) was formed in 1997. During the two decades that followed they have grown to become a driving force in North America's Hungarian folk scene. The ensemble plays traditional village music from Central Europe and its members have regularly studied with master musicians in Hungary and Transylvania. Forrás Banda's performances are both entertaining and educational as the players present the traditional lifestyle and work of the peasant musician. They have a broad repertoire accompanying dance troops, presenting musical concerts and producing traditional folk dance parties called Táncház.

photo: G Farkas
Forrás Banda prides itself in the authenticity of its music. Their work focuses on the acquisition, preservation and presentation of their Hungarian musical heritage. Forrás' repertoire also includes tunes of Romanian, Romani-Gypsy and saxon origin but particularly focuses on music from Transylvania. They play stringed instruments such as violin, a modified viola called the kontra, cimbalom (hammered dulcimer) and double bass. Forrás Banda also plays more unique instruments such as the furulya (shepherd's flutes), duda (bagpipes), ütőgardon (percussive cello), koboz (moldavian lute) and tapán (drum).

photo: D Plummer
Calling the Pacific Northwest home, the band performs regularly entertaining audiences throughout Canada and the US. They have shared stages with world acclaimed artists Téka, Márta Sebestyén, Muzsikás, Dűvő, Szalonna és bandája, Ágnes Enyedi and Berecz István. Forrás Banda has performed at numerous events as well as prestigious festivals such as the Northwest Folklife Festival, San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival and the Hungarian Heritage Festival along with performing as special guests at the Institute of Hungarian Studies at Indiana University and the Embassy of Hungary in Washington, DC.